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Details about drawings and other crafts can be found on our Facebook group page, along with information about current writing projects. Facebook: Realmside & Otherside Modern Fantasy Fiction & Alternative Crafts. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and support in these projects.

An extract from the opening chapter of the forthcoming second eBook in the Othersiders series. The Mark of the Realm (Othersiders 2).

The homeless shelter was only a short walk from the cemetery. Wren was grateful for the fact he hadn’t encountered anyone else on the way. He had no idea how long it would take for the psychosis to engulf his soul, but at this stage he felt no desire to harm anyone apart from the woman who had destroyed his whole life within a matter of moments.
   A light flickered at the entrance to the building and through the glass doors he could see a young man sitting behind a desk. He took a deep breath and nervously entered. The man who was probably in his early twenties stood up. Wren noticed he had a goth like appearance, but he didn’t recognise him as a regular at the club. He was dressed in faded grey jeans and a retro tee shirt, which bore the name of a popular cult band from the nineties. His shoulder length hair was black. Raven black. Clearly it was dyed, as his skin was pale and those eyes, he noticed, were cobalt blue. Wren also saw that he had the tattoo, The Mark of the Realm, on his forearm. He’d felt no vibe to indicate that this person was actually a realm blood, but how could he when he no longer had the magik within him to sense it? It occurred to him that his own vibe would have disappeared and any realmers, or others with realm blood, would have no way of knowing he was one of them. Apart from having the tattoo, which for him was now meaningless, Wren was just like the othersiders. He was merely a human who could no longer access the part of the brain from which powers were generated. 
Wren’s mark being on his chest meant it was covered. He knew that was a good thing, for if this person saw it, but felt no realm vibe from him there’d be questions. Although he desperately wished this man could help him, he knew that he couldn’t. Nobody could. Wren’s fate was sealed.

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