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Annie Frances Swann is originally from Haverhill, Suffolk and has lived and worked in London. She currently resides in North Cornwall.

Annie studied Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, as well as having taken part in media courses through BBC Voices.

Voluntary work has included a role as editor for the Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspapers and writing publicity for the Friends of Thetford Forest. She has also made brief appearances in television and media, which included a role as a supporting artist in a production for Film 4.

Between 1987 and 1990, Annie served in the British Army and then spent four years in a Civil Service career based in South East London, as well as having spent a brief period working for Her Majesty’s Prison Service in 2006.

In her free time, Annie enjoys making alternative crafts. She has a Facebook page called Realmside Creations by Annie, showing the pentagrams, dreamcatchers, beaded hangings and jewellery she makes at home on the beautiful Cornish coast, often recycling old or broken items to be kinder to the environment. She also enjoys  walking, forestry, longboard skatboarding and bodyboard surfing.

Azure of the Realm is her first complete novel, inspired by an interest in Gothic style, alternative music and various aspects of paganism. She is currently working on the sequel.

For each ebook sold, a donation will be made to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, information can be found on their website which is linked here on the contact page.

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