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In this gripping modern day fantasy, violence is spreading through the town where Ash Nightingale, a spiritually restless prison officer grew up. Unbeknown to most of its residents, this quiet East Anglian town here on the otherside, stands upon the gateway to a magically charged parallel land known only as The Realm.
Accompanied by Jack Fern, rough-edged biker with realm blood in his veins, Ash is guided by Cobalt, her mysterious mentor, towards her destiny as Azure, the powerful one. The question is does she have what it takes to keep moving at full throttle, or the strength to confront Tobias Raven, the merciless realmer behind the attacks? Will some shocking revelations about Ash’s past and her all-consuming love for Jack slow her down? The clock is ticking…
Time is running out and Ash is the only one who hosts powers strong enough to stop Raven spreading darkness across both worlds forever.



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