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Welcome to this newly updated website, which now includes our handmade alternative crafts page REALMSIDE CREATIONS BY ANNIE, as well as information about both current and forthcoming supernatural modern fantasy eBooks in the OTHERSIDERS SERIES.

AZURE OF THE REALM (OTHERSIDERS 1) is available to download from Amazon now. This is the story of Azure, one woman battling against the evil forces that threaten a peaceful East Anglian market town. The wave of violence and dark magik has seeped into this world from a darkening parallel realm. An army of misled followers is gradually being created by one powerful man, Tobias Raven, to bring dark times upon the town. Finding themselves out numbered, Azure and her friends fight against the fate that awaits both the town and the once idyllic realm. But can they bring down the power obsessed Raven in time to save the people of these worlds from becoming enslaved under his control?

The battle continues, with new twists and turns in the next novel


Following a year out from writing, whilst I relocated to an exciting new life in North Cornwall, I am bursting with new ideas for the sequel.  From each book in the series sold, a donation will be made to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, SOPHIE, (Stamp Out Prejudice Hate and Intolerance Everywhere). Information about SOPHIE can be found on their website, which is linked to the contacts page.

For photos and news about this fast moving yet hopefully intriguing story, as well as unique style dreamcatchers, pentagrams, hanging ornaments and beaded jewellery  from REALMSIDE CREATIONS, take a tour through the new pages on this site.

REALMSIDE CREATIONS is a member of NEWQUAY PURPLE ANGELS, which was set up to raise and support Dementia Awareness in the community. They can also be found on Facebook for full information.

Also check out both REALMSIDE CREATIONS BY ANNIE and ANNIE FRANCES SWANN – OTHERSIDERS SERIES on Facebook for even more news, photos and updates. I am contactable via email through a link on the contacts page. Information and message links can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Bright blessings,


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